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Young Driver Auto Insurance Tips

When Kids Drive…

I guess that time when our kids learn to drive is a mixed experience for every parent. We are proud to see that our children are becoming more independent, and maybe we are relieved because they can start to provide for their own transportation some of the time. On the other hand, it can be a big area of concern too. We want them to be safe, and we know that kids tend to be more impulsive. Of course, they are just starting to drive, so they will not be as experienced as we are at avoiding road hazards or other unsafe drivers. They will not think ahead like we do, so we worry that they will not be able to predict problems on the road.

Insurance Companies and Student Drivers

Of course, insurance companies think about all of things that parents think about when it comes to younger drivers. Since the teen or young adult will not have had time to establish their own driving history, they must all be lumped in with other people their age. If statistics show that teens and young adults, as a group, are responsible for more claims than 50 year old drivers, auto insurers will want to charge them more for coverage.

So many parents who have good driving histories will be shocked when they get the first bill after they cover their student driver. Sometimes rates can double or triple for the family. But they can take some steps to find affordable insurance for themselves, and for their kids.

Good Student Discounts

Many auto insurers have found that students with decent grades also tend to be more responsible in all areas of their lives. They will offer discounts for students who keep up a B average on their report cards. So a good report card from their teachers can offset an individual students lack of a driving history.

Safe Car Discounts

Some cars are just cheaper to insure. If young Sammy or Suzy drives a sedate family car, they are certain to have better rates than if they are handed a high power sports car for their 16th birthday. It would be prudent, for many reasons, to let the student drive a safer car.

Safety features and anti-theft devices also matter. If any features of a car help reduce the chance of an insurance claim, an insurer will probably offer a discount for that feature. Many newer cars already come equipped with features that make them safer, and less likely to be stolen. It may also be worth the money to improve an older car. It will be safer, less likely to get stolen, and cheaper to insure!

Auto Safety Classes

Insurers believe that drivers education and drivers safety classes help prevent accidents. While a student may lack experience, a class can help make up for some of that. Experienced drivers can help pass on some of their knowledge about safe driving to young drivers. It is almost always worth the time and money to take a drivers safety class. Your young driver will be less likely to have a car accident, and they will also get cheaper auto insurance rates!


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