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Children’s Healthy Eating Tips

Today’s youth is at more risk than ever before for childhood obesity. While being labeled “chubby” is emotionally damaging to children, it’s also very physically damaging. In fact, children who are overweight or obese have much higher risks of developing high blood pressure, diabetes and other health related illnesses. Thus, parents must constantly work to ensure their child is as healthy as possible by using these easy children’s healthy eating tips!

Tip #1: Let them help!

Studies show when parents let their children help prepare dinner, the children are more likely to eat less. In addition, if a child invests time in creating something healthy they’ll be more likely to actually eat and enjoy it. So, let your kids help you create healthy and delicious dinners. You’ll be teaching them how to cook healthy foods and feel great as they enjoy eating it.

Tip #2: Make family rules!

Don’t punish your child for being overweight by insisting they go on a diet while the rest of the family eats pizza. Instead, create healthy habits for the entire family. Choose one night per week for eating out and stick to it. Cook all other meals at home, using healthy ingredients.

Tip #3: Find interesting ways to use vegetables and fruits!

Many parents complain their child won’t eat vegetables. However, there are few children who will pass up a plate of fettuccini alfredo covered in low-fat sauce and broccoli or a side of baby carrots dressed with a small amount of honey. If you’re creative and try to make vegetables and fruits taste and look delicious, your children won’t even realize what they’re eating!

Posted November 23rd, 2008 by Jessica Mousseau


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