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Goodhealth - Health insurance company

Goodhealth - Health Insurance CompanyGoodhealth deliver a comprehensive range of health insurance, covering medical expenses for organisations and individuals living and working in the UK and abroad. Goodhealth maintain established offices in the UK, Middle East , Far East and the Americas.

Goodhealth is a subsidiary of the Primary Group, an organisation that annually transacts insurance premiums in excess of £300 million.

Goodhealth take a common sense attitude to underwriting and in some cases they will offer cover for pre-existing medical conditions!

Goodhealth's UK health insurance policies offer very high benefits indeed, their top-of-the-range policy "Primary 1" covers GP fees, Routine and Major Dental Treatment, Prescriptions Expenses, Pregnancy and Childbirth (up to £3000), and they even pay an NHS Grant if you have a baby on the NHS!

Ex Pat Health Insurance - Ex Patriate Medical Insurance

Goodhealth are one of the most successful providers of international health insurance for people in the UK and expatriate health insurance, (ex pat health insurance,) for ex pats living abroad.

Whilst living or traveling abroad, becoming ill takes on a whole new meaning, if you do not have international medical insurance. An ex pat, living abroad, encounters healthcare systems and diseases that they are simply not used to in the UK.

Goodhealth ex pat medical insurance not only offers peace of mind for your physical well-being, but it also cuts down on the financial burden of being ill abroad.

Goodhealth has built it's reputation as a top international expatriate health insurance company, offering both ex pat health insurance, as well as international medical insurance for the overseas traveler by offering first class service and back up healthcare support service that is second to none. If you are looking for ex pat insurance, a Goodhealth ex pat health insurance policy is the first policy to consider.

For a free, no obligation ex pat health insurance quote, simply complete this ex pat insurance form.


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