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Losing Your Job is Tough, Losing Your Healthcare Benefits is Worse

Most of us-at least the ones that aren't independently wealthy or lottery winners-rely on a job to pay for the things we want and need in life. If we don't get up for work every day and put in our time, we risk losing our job to someone that's a little more motivated. Sometimes, however, losing your job isn't your fault at all. When companies cut back, restructure, or close their doors for good, anyone can lose their job, from the unskilled worker shipping orders to executive-level talent. For those in Illinois, that might mean your Dwight Illinois healthcare coverage is no longer good. And though the sting of losing a job and income is hard enough, perhaps the worst part is the fact that you can be exposed to large medical bills if something were to happen to your health. With the potential for astronomical medical bills, that's a terrible place to be.

When you have a job that has health insurance, chances are if you live in Illinois and get injured badly, your insurance will cover you at a Chicagoland hospital. You probably can't go to any one you want, but at least there is an option for you. If you lose your job and benefits, that's no longer the case. Sure, there are programs where you can extend your coverage, but these programs are usually very expensive. And if you just lost your job, how long will you really be able to afford that? It's for this reason that keeping a job is so important. The risk of getting seriously sick or injured may not be great, but if it happens you may be paying off bills for years to come.

Let's say you get hit by a car. Your stay in a Kankakee hospital might put you back together and get you back on your feet, but at what cost? All those tests, visits, and medicine that would normally be covered in part or in whole by your insurance instead must be paid in full by you. That may not seem like a lot, but once you see what the full cost is, you'll realize how blessed you were to have health insurance. What can you do to keep your benefits? For one, work hard at your job, keep gaining new skills, and show up on time. It also could be helpful to have a spouse or partner who has a job that has benefits. If you happen to lose your job, you could switch over to their benefits.

Losing your healthcare benefits is tough, but at least you know that the Dwight Illinois healthcare location of Riverside Medical Center has the service and experience you need. Whether you're in need of a Chicagoland hospital or a Kankakee hospital, Riverside is there when you need them. Visit Riverside Medical Center and learn about all the cutting edge treatments and how they are helping our patients!

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