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The Most Important Questions You Need To Ask When Looking For Health Insurance

By Al Knight, KnightHope Insurance Services

Many people are in the dark about choosing a plan that is best for them or just don't want to spend the time to meet with a company representative. They may choose a plan on the internet or over the phone and not get the answers they need about the plan in order to make a good decision. Cost is not the only important factor to consider.

Here are a few important questions to ask, and remember customer service is always important!
1. Can I choose my own Doctors and Hospitals? This is important to most people because many health plans require you to stay in a network and doctors & hospitals must be pre-approved and authorized. If choosing your own Doctors and Hospitals is important to you make sure your plan allows you to do this.

2. Does it pay usual & customary or regular charges not reasonable? Reasonable means it has been pre-determined what will be paid for a procedure and many of these have not been recently reviewed. This could result in more out of pocket cost. If you don't want surprises with your out of pocket expenses when you have a claim, make sure you get full disclosure on how your plan pays claims.

3. Can I be cancelled or singled out for rate increases? Would you want your rates to go up if you discover after paying for your insurance for a period of time you have a medical condition. Make sure you can't be cancelled or singled out for rate increases or you could be left without insurance when you need it most.

4. Is it flexible, can I change the plan if I need to? This can be important in a financial pinch. Rather then give up your health insurance maybe you would want to change your deductibles or reduce some of your outpatient services to lower your premium. If budget is an issue this is an important feature to have.

5. Is it an "A" excellent rated company? Companies are rated by how well they pay claims and financial stability. You'll have better piece of mind knowing the company you chose has a good track record.



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