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Get Rid of a Candida Infection For Good

Candida is a fungus normally present in our body and usually not harmful if kept in controlled quantity. Problems may start if rapid multiplication of the fungus occurs. The overgrowth of the fungus is the main cause of yeast infection or candidiasis. If you are suffering from this infection, it will be a great relief to find an effective treatment to get rid of Candida infection for good.

Candida thrives in the moist areas of the body like the mouth and genital area. Suffering from genital and oral yeast infection is not only embarrassing; it is also disturbing and painful. Imagine how hard it is to suffer from severe itchiness and burning sensation on your genitals. Unnecessary genital discharge is also another uncomfortable symptom of the infection. For oral candidiasis, sufferers need to endure painful lesions on the lips and inside the mouth. Imagine how hard it is to eat with those lesions on your mouth. To get rid of the discomfort and pain, you have to know how to get rid of Candida infection for good.

Yeast infection resolves within two weeks without treatment but in most cases if an effective treatment was not administered, the infection keeps coming back. Different people have different response to different treatments. One treatment may be effective to some people but not effective to others. To get rid of Candida infection, you have to find a treatment that will work for you. Here are some of the common treatments for Candida or yeast infection:

Medications. Over the counter and prescribed antifungal medicines are common treatments to get rid of Candida infection. Medicines are usually effective for immediate relief but the downside is that drugs have its side effects. Doctors usually make sure that patients have no liver problems before recommending antifungal medicines. It is best to take medicines under the supervision of your doctor.

Natural Remedies. There are also natural treatments to get rid of Candida infection. Improving your immune system by eating a well balanced diet, getting enough sleep and regular exercise are some of the natural treatments that you can do to get rid of the infection. Plain yogurt is also another natural treatment because it contains lactobacillus acidophilus that keeps Candida in check.

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