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How To Build Big Shoulders

How to build big shoulders

The shoulders in my opinion are more impressive aesthetically than say the chest. If you have a decent size waist (30-34) and big shoulders, you'll essentially have what they call in the body building world as the "V" shape; a very attractive and appealing look on a man.

These tips will help you build big shoulders:

1) Military shoulder presses - By using a barbell and lowering it to the back of your neck, you really work all three heads of the shoulders. This is basic mass builder when it comes to building big shoulders. Properly lowering the weight all the way down to the back of your neck is key. Like with all exercises, full maximum range ensures that the entire muscle(s) are being worked.

2) Overhead dumbell presses - This exercise is great for hitting the front deltoids. Unlike with the military presses, with the dumbells you can squeeze the deltoids by bringing the dumbells together at the top of the move. What this does is really isolate and focuse in on that one part of the shoulders. Tip: Make sure NOT to lock it out at the top of the exercise

3) Upright rows - Another great mass builder. But this one hits the side deltoids. Taking a close grip on the barbell, execute the lift with the elbows pointing straight up and leading the way. This really isolates and burns the side deltoids

4) Bent over lateral raises - This move works the head that's most neglected - the rear deltoid. Just by bending over at a 45 degree angle to do your lateral raises, you really hit the rear delts. The key with this one is not to worry too much about weight as much as your form.



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