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Paid Forum Posting

Cash in on the demand for forum posting!

Forums are a growing part of the online world and there is money to be made by participating in them. Paid forum posters don't make great sums of money, but they are paid for doing something they already enjoy. If you enjoy browsing through and participating in topics that interest you in various forums, perhaps its time you looked into paid forum posting.

There are two primary ways to be paid through forum posting, and sometimes they overlap.

Building up New Forums:Many webmasters start a forum and then need to make the forum appear active to attract more visitors. These webmasters seek out individuals with knowledge on their particular topic and pay for each post the individual makes. Paying for new threads and participation in discussions is an expense that webmasters are willing to endure because it brings enthusiastic individuals to the forum that then attract other enthusiasts.

Over time, the original paid posters may move on when the forum has become active, or they may stick around as respected "elders." Either way, the webmaster got the visitors he needed to get the forum launched successfully and the forum poster was paid for doing something he enjoyed and might have done for free.

Marketing through Forums:The other method of forum posting is to help promote and market websites in relevant forums. If you participate a great deal in particular forums, you can sell your services or a spot in your signature to those who are looking for extra publicity in that market. If you are already posting on topics of your own interest, a webmaster may be willing to pay quite a bit for an occasional mention in one of your posts.

There is also a bit of money to be made renting signature links and avatars. Custom avatars can be used much like banners or ads. Your avatar shows up when you post in a thread effectively putting up ad after ad for a particular website. The same is true of your signature. Many forums allow you to put links at the bottom of your posts. Linking to another site can bring in extra dollars each month.

Combined Forum Posting:Many forum posters already spend a great deal of time in discussions online. They often combine the two methods of paid forum posting to bring in as much money as possible. They sell signature links and avatars on forums they enjoy on their own time, and also spend time doing paid posting on other forums. In some cases, they might even sell a signature spot on a forum they are being paid to post on.

In most cases, forum pasting won't create a full-time income, but it can be a great source of extra money. Many of us spend hours online in forums sharing our own personal or professional experience. Forum posting is a simple way to make a bit of money doing something you already enjoy.



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