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Why are teens so eager to get jobs these days? Many people are puzzled at why a teenager would actually want to work. Older folks remember their teenage years as the “golden years” of their lives. They just played, played, played as teenagers. As adults, they realize that the beauty of being a teen is that you don't have to work. For this reason, they can't fathom what's “wrong” with these workaholic teenagers today. It's obvious that society has changed since the 60's and 70's.

Maybe it's all the electronics on the market now – ipods, zunes, cell phones, ps3's, xbox's, laptops, etc. Maybe it's the increasing pressure on teens to have the most extensive wardrobe and change outfits everyday they go to school. I wanted to get to the bottom of this; I wanted to know why teens want to work, so I conducted a survey.

Here are the most popular responses:

I want to save up for a car.

I want to save up for college.

I want things my parents refuse to buy me.

I want things my parents can't afford to buy me, due to the recession.

I even got quite a few responses like this:

“I don't know. I just want the money.”

It appears as though teens get jobs to meet their personal needs, or “thneeds” according to Dr. Seuss. Government statistics say that teens are working for non-necessities, like clothes and entertainment.

As I suspected, most of the teens I surveyed worked at fast food restaurants. What surprised me is that a good portion of the teens were working online. I looked into this and learned that it's becoming popular for teens to do surveys and complete offers online. I tried many of these websites to get an idea of what a teen can make sitting in front of their computer. Many of these sites turned out disappointing because they barely pay anything. However, I was quite impressed with one of these websites – cashcrate. After one month I was able to make $50. I continued using this website because it appeared to be a promising source of income that could be used to pay bills. After about four months I began making $600 a month without having to do anything. The best part was that it was all completely free; I never had to spend any money at all. I've recently started the website below so that teens can catch on to this opportunity:

I personally think it's great that teens want to work. Holding a job at an early age instills responsibility in teens. If teens can hold a job and manage to do well in school, I'm all for it. However, I firmly believe that education comes first, so don't get a job if you aren't doing well in school; spend that time studying.



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